Pugsly & Earle’s Wacky Adventure

pugsly and earles wacky adventure

You say you have a desire to take a motorcycle road trip across the states? Well, you’re not alone. Pack your saddlebags and Google your road trip interests. You’ll find first-hand advice on everything from packing your saddlebags with snacks and water, to plotting a course with geographical information systems with satellite enhancement and real-time traffic information – sent straight to your mobile device.

One of Earle Kellett’s and his canine companion, Pugsly’s, mobile devices is a Honda VTX-1300 motorcycle. Nine years sober, Kellett, 57, experienced an “awakening” after a serious illness in 2016. The unlikely duo hit the road in early April to traverse the contiguous 48 states within six months. Right about now, questions abound as to how Pugsly, a Jack Russell Terrier and Airedale mix, travels with Kellett on his ride. Kellett is used to inquiry, sometimes fielding unsolicited, scathing opinions about Pugsly’s passenger status.

Nonetheless, around the Sun City area of Southern California, the unlikely pair cruises along on this freeway or that city thoroughfare, as Pugsly is comfortably and safely perched atop the gas tank of Kellett’s Honda. “Pugsly wears a jacket harness. She rests in front of me on a thick cushion I place over the gas tank. Her food and her equipment basics are packed in the saddlebags,” said Kellett. “I rarely leave home without her. She’s always on a long leash when we make a pit stop so she can stretch and eat, too. She’s such a friendly dog, people just love her,” he said. “I
love her, too.”

Asked if he had any unloving, verbal detractors along the way, Kellett was quick to point out that he wears a helmet, so he can’t really hear anyone shouting either good or bad things from their vehicle. Mostly, he sees thumbs-up gestures from passersby. As for fielding general criticism, Kellett said that his twelve-step program affords him many tools to use on a moment’s notice, especially worthy platitudes, like, ‘Live and let live’, “This too shall pass”, “Easy does it”.

“On pit stops, I speak to a lot of people who are very encouraging and amazed that Pugsly loves to ride as much as I do,” Kellett said. Indeed, when seen together on the Honda, a vibe of total trust, loyalty and kinship freely emanates. Emanating anticipation for the six-month trip, Kellett explained what compelled him to plan such a distinct, fearless trek.

“Last year, my appendix almost ruptured. The doctor told me I was lucky to survive,” said Kellett. “So, I’ve got yet another lease on life and the gift of health. There’s no time to waste,” he said. Pugsly has been Kellett’s faithful, canine companion for nine years. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of sobriety, August 15, than to find a sober fellowship somewhere along the way to celebrate with me,” said Kellett.

The duo encourages readers and friends to stay in contact during their journey. At this writing (April 10), Kellett texted their whereabouts from Oatman, Arizona, heading next toward New Mexico. It looks like Kellett and Pugsly are getting their kicks on Route 66. Where better? To be continued… Facebook: Earle Kellett ~ Email:pugslykellett@gmail.com. ~ Text:951-570-8817

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